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Bog 5: Fair use


In modern media, there is a lot of debate on the subject of what is fair use or copyright infringement. When it comes to the YouTube vide “Star Wars Fan Film – Essence of the Force,” I feel that this media was close to being fair use but in the end was more of a copyright issue. The video’s format is obviously based off of Star Wars themes. From the intro until the end, it is just like a Star Wars film. With proper credit, this would be fine because it is essentially a tribute film, but in the end it was used for promoting a product (Mountain Dew). Videos are not in fair use if “used upon the potential market…”

I feel that the other video, “Star Wars Saga (The Best Trance Remix Montage)” was fair use. Fair use is determined by whether the material has “affect on the value of the copyrighted work” (Copyright). I feel the video is not copyright infringement because the author is using movie clips from Star Wars to make their video more appealing. It sets the mood for the remix. With proper crediting, the use of these images is in fair use. Like the previous video, I feel the clips were used for tribute and admiration. The original copyrighted audio from the movie was replaced with an original soundtrack.

There is definitely a fine line between what is and is not fair use. It is difficult to be original with media because many “new” ideas were influenced by previous work.


In A Blog Post Far Far Away


For this weeks multimedia, we were to look at star wars youtube videos. However, we were not watching the movies, instead they were parodies and clips. The first video “Star Wars Fan Film: The Essence of the Force” was pretty original and did not seem to go against any copyright or Fair Use laws. There were a coupld of similarities, but the ideas were original and it seemed that it was more for a Mountain Dew commerical or advertisement than something that was made from a copyright. The second clip “Star Wars Saga (The Best Trance Remix Montage)” did not seem to violate any laws, to say…. However they did use clips from the films in a mix and probably did not get permission from the makers. But it wasn’t to make a movie or anything like that. The video was a bunch of clips from the films yes, but they were all mixed into one video and electric music was added into the video for background music. So technically if you think that using the clips violates the copyrights, then yes it violated them. But since it wasn’t for a movie of their own and more like a music video then it didn’t.