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Social Change


Social networking has greatly grown in the last couple of years. MySpace used to be a casual thing where you would log on once in a while to see what your friends were up to. Now with Facebook, it seems like we have to be connected at every second. Facebook is not just for sharing what’s new or photos of events. I sometimes use Facebook as my source of news. Social networking is so powerful that people can create social groups, and advocate for social change in their communities. Dianna Zandt says that: “Social Networking gives us unprecedented power to share our stories with more people than we ever imagined” (Zandt, 159). On Facebook, people can post their own opinions about matters that they see on the news. As I’m scrolling through my news feed, I see all sorts of people advocating for their own beliefs. Someone wants freedom in palestine, while others want changes in the supreme court rulings. People with similar opinions are welcomed to go like a page where they agree about a certain issue. This brings people together and to get active in promoting their ideas. Just like when Lisa Goldman started a Facebook page that protested against standardized testing, emphasizing that  “testing is not teaching.” Over 6,000 people joined in on the fight against the standardized tests. While I do not know of the outcome, I think that they must have had an influence on the ruling. Social networking allows for these groups to arise and bring social change.