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Blog 9:Media and people


Media can drastically change how a person is viewed. It is said by Coleman that “Media use changes the user. With each shift in automation, simulation, and transmission, we discover not only new technologies but also new facets of ourselves.” (140)  Media devices and social networking have created barriers that users can hide behind and produce a completely different personality. Think about when you are texting someone. Do you always say things that you would normally say to a person face to face? The sad reality is most people would answer “no” to this question. You could come off as a completely different person through a text message than through face to face communication. Many don’t think before they send text messages. They feel there is no risk in sending a message because you can’t feel the recipient’s full emotion in response to your words. In many circumstances, this is the only way people feel comfortable communicating with one another and I feel this where we as a society are failing. We are living in a media dependent world and face to face communication is becoming scarce. Another example of how media can change the user is through sites like facebook. You can essentially be anyone you want to be on facebook. Your personal information and pictures you post may not even be yours yet people will still believe it because there is no physical communication. Without the use of media like facebook and texting, communication for many would be much more difficult. Media can truly change a person.