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Blog Post 3: Auras

Here’s the picture and here is the permalink to the picture if you want to see a larger image.

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This post will center focus on Walter Benjamin’s idea of the aura with relation to the image attached to this post. Benjamin’s idea of the aura is “the unique phenomenon of a distance, however close it may be” (4). He further goes on to say that this aura decays as it progresses. This is what I am aiming to represent in my image. Looking at it from left to right or top to bottom, one can see on the left the green tree with life; however, as it moves towards the right, this decay of death is seen through the tree on the left. This tree looks rather dead. This is also depicted in the image from top to bottom. The blue symbolizes life and moving down it gets cloudier until the plants are shown rather dead as well. The idea that auras degenerate over time is stated by Benjamin as well by stating that the masses remove the uniqueness of an item by having it constantly reproduced (4). This means that as more and more of the same reproductions come into availability, the item loses it’s value. I once read a book called The Cave by Jose Saramago who was a potter. He usually sells his items to a mall which would then sell his wares to buyers; however, this one day, his work is refused due to the reason that the bowls he makes out of ceramic have no more value or use because of the new plastic bowls that can be made and bought for cheaper for more profit.




Google, A New Media

As I sat and wondered what I was going to talk about as a new media I was checking my email on my Nexus and could hear the notifications on my phone and found myself thinking about how much Google has become so intergraded into not just my life but millions of others. I then realized that Google in its own right is a New Media. Google has become much more than just a search engine but a fluid entity that made technological advances by being on every device, or platform, used by its users. These are just a few of the many things that Google does that shows its talents at variability.

Google Drive
Google has leapt into the cloud computing craze by giving its users free space to store
and share documents that can be retrieved on any platform.
To give their users a sense of community they initiated their own social site that is synced and available across all platforms.
Chrome Sync
This feature makes it so that a person’s personal settings, including bookmarks and browsing history follows them to any device they use, including mobile devices. For example my bookmarks from my desktop are synced to the mobile Chrome browser on my Nexus.

Google really puts Manovich’s definition of Variability to the test by showing how liquid it is by using sophisticated algorithms along with databases to transfer and change data as quickly as the user alter them across multiple platforms, as shown with their Chrome Sync. These are not simple copies but like what Manovich states Instead of identical copies, a new media object typically gives rise to many different versions. This is true with the cross platform syncing because a browser on a mobile device is different than what is on a laptop or desktop. (Manovich)

Audra Mann

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Manovich, Lev. “What Is New Media?” The Language of New Media. n.d. 36, 37.