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The Freedom of Online Information


20 years ago, if people want to know something, they had to buy books the library and pulled out all the documents in their relevant section. 100 years ago, people had to borrow the books because they were too expensive for most of people to buy. The situation has changed forever because we have online information nowadays. Today, over 2 billions people connect to the Internet and there is no doubt that at least one third of them are searching for information. However, there are some country’s leaders who believe some information are too dangerous for people to know; websites have been removed and people have been punished for freely talking online. Internet should be freedom not repression. People should have control and responsibilities of the content that they post and they should do it without fear and punishing. Besides, the Internet is bigger than newspaper, radio even bigger than television; that’s why it doesn’t allow the government to take control. The Internet was found on the principle of freedom. In other words, it is the right of act, speech or thinks that people want without entrance and restrict. If there are some reason that make the government concern about the Internet will reveal confidential information, they should rather concern about their missions, their duties than the Internet. How do normal civilians get secretly information that has been covered and protected by the government? Obviously, they can’t get into their department to get these documents; besides, they will commit crimes by these activities. Therefore, the information has been revealed into public in the first place by the government and this is totally not the Internet’s fault. The freedom of online information should be concerned as human’s right.