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One Code To Rule Them All

In Donna Haraway’s Manifesto is written through the female lens. She is seeing and grounding her ideas and conceptions from a woman’s view and how ‘cyborgs’ would be androgynous and creating any kind of “positronic brain” on gender would be obsolete. Her view on this is counter intuitive to her message in wanting women to be free of the typical female stereo type actually shines a spot light on it.

Whereas the Hacker Manifesto does not use any gender identifying terms and only identifies the hackers in question as being as young as a pre-teen as we see the hacker being referred to as “Damn kid…”. The only time gender is portrayed is when you follow the link “hacker” it has a picture of a young woman in an overcoat that looks like she does not care what you may think of her and her actions. True to form the manifesto continues in being gender neutral while describing what a hacker is and what they represent.

When people read something like the Hacker’s Manifesto most automatically picture the stereotypical image of either an awkward pimply teenager or a grown man that has not come out of his parent’s basement in three years, but the picture breaks from that image with the picture of the girl giving women credibility in the hacking world.
We are in a “Great Digital Saltation” as the whole world is experiencing and contributing to the instantaneous transitions and creation of new technology.

Audra Mann | @WSUVcollegeMom