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Copyright and Fair Use


Copyright and fair use laws can be interpreted in many different ways, but it is ultimately up to the federal court to decide what is and isn’t a copyrighted production and what is a fare use production. In the first Star Wars video, “Star Wars Fan Film – Essence of the Force,” it seems like it is suppose to be a Mountain Dew commercial. I would argue that the clips from the Star Wars movies are fair use because it could be said that all the clips transform it into a parody of the Star Wars movies. However, it is said that even parodies have been sued in a federal court for infringement. There is also a question in this video of whether or not this is a real commercial or video of Mountain Dew. It says at the end of the video that the video is copyrighted but it doesn’t say what corporation copyrighted it. In the second video “Star Wars Saga (The Best Trance Remix Montage),” it is similar in the terms of being considered under fair use, but the only big difference is the music. There is a question in this video of whether or not the music is original, or if the maker of this video just took the music from somewhere else and put it to this video. In my opinion it seems that no matter what someone creates it can always be seen as plagiarized. “All ideas are secondhand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources, and used daily…” (Jonathan Lethem pg.68).

The Relationship Humans have with Computers and Information


The raining code from the Matrix photograph and video is one that may be very
confusing for people. If a person has never learned about the code or ever
learned about where it came from they would be very confused. In the photograph of the Matrix there is an image made from the raining code. The raining code looks like it would be just like the binary code which is made up of all ones and zeros. However when looking at the video of the raining code it seems that the code is not made up of numbers but of symbols, possibly of Chinese symbols. In Vannevar Bush’s “As We May Think” he is discussing the
relationship humans have with computers and information. He says that there are machines for solving difficult equations, and functional and integral equations (Bush 50). This can suggest that humans use computers to solve the problems that they need solved when it comes to work in marketing or science. In fact, science is a large part of the relationship that humans have with computers and information. In majority of sciences humans use computers in order to get information for the equations that the computers can solve. Information can be found on the internet which is mainly accessible through the computer. In the time of when the Memex was being thought about there was no way to find anything that you wanted to know about through something like Google. There was not even the thought of there being an Ipad or smart phones. Theodor Nelson wanted to advance technology and ideas. It is clear that the relationship humans have with computers and information can be directly related to science. “Science may implement the ways in which man produces, stores, and consults the record of the race” (Bush 54).