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Both videos that are shown have their parts that show whether or not they may or may not be legal within U.S. copyright laws. For example at the beginning of the fan film the Fox logo is used but it is a parody of the original Fox introduction. This would qualify it as a parody and cannot be punishable by U.S. Copyright laws. If it was then any parody that involves any original material would be punishable under those Copyright laws. Not only this but the Fan Film uses it’s own characters only replications of the actual people. This again is a parody and should not be punishable under U.S. Copyright law. Furthermore, the plot itself is not correct and the scene of the fight takes place in the wrong area but also serves as a teaser for the real purpose, a mountain dew commercial. The trance remix; however, actually takes films from the movie with some sound. On some cases this could be a violation of copyright law because of the blatant film and sound also the video does not act as a parody but as a follow up to the music remix. This would most likely count against copyright but might fall under fair use considering how only a small portion is taken from certain scenes at a time. It also has no impact itself on the value of the film but rather increases it by using personally remixed music of the saga.

Blog post #5


Fair use and copyright laws have become a big deal since the rise of websites such as youtube and the creativity that modern day computers bring us. Videos such as “Star Wars Saga” allow us the take small pieces or “clips” of video and piece them together in any way we want while adding our own sound effects over it including music as we see in this video. The video is considered a “parody” of the original Star Wars movie and while parodies are often seen as having their own original ideas and not blatantly stealing from the original, people have been sued before for creating parodies so it’s ultimately up to the Federal Court to decide.

The other video, “Star Wars fan film: The Essence of the Force”, is a parody in the form of a mountain dew commercial that uses ideas from the Star Wars films, but doesn’t use any video or audio clips from the original movies. It instead uses ideas created by the Star Wars films such as The Force, the Jedi Order, and lightsabers. While it doesn’t directly take anything ¬†from the original films, the ideas and objects that the fan film takes from the original are very famous ones that are often seen in the media. If they used ideas or objects trademarked by George Lucas or the company associated with the original films without permission, then they are indeed violating copyright laws. I believe LucasFilms may have a trademark over some of these so the people who made the fan film could very well be violating some laws and pay for it if it attracted attention from LucasFilms.