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Blog Post 10: Gamer Manifesto


We are gamers.

Stuck between the physical and the non-physical… The virtual perhaps? But otherwise, we ourselves are fractured. What is fractured? Our identities. What IS a gamer? (Haraway 5).

We are not like the “gamer girls” who call themselves gamers just because they played some retro game.

They’re all alike (Mentor).

We are the kids that sit on a computer and control it.

Regardless of whether or not we make a mistake, we’re on it.

We’re are the damned kids that all we do is play games (Mentor Par 10).

We aren’t your average people..


We can be super heroes.

We can be villains.

We don’t even need Gods…

Because we can be our own Gods.

There is no end to our potential and there is no stopping the inevitable.

People do not see who we truly are.

We don’t even see who we truly are.

Now that’s definitely a problem. Our identities are so fractured that we fail to apply our knowledge of the virtual to reality.

We are so engrossed in our own wants, our own games that we feel that we can stay there because it’s easy.

Life is too hard.

This is why we fail. We are too engrossed in our easy games. We have the potential to create a better world, not just because we play some petty games but we’ve become optimistic. We welcome challenges and aim to beat them. (McGonigal, TED Talks).

Pathetic almost, how we fail to step out of our own X-realities and step back into reality.

True reality.

You may not like us, but we are the future.

Only we can change the future of society.

Step out of your x-reality and come back to the real world.

They need you.