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McGee-Project1 – DTC 101 Production Statement

McGee-Project1 – DTC 101


The idea for this project came from my friend and me messing around with our Mortal Kombat characters. We would be listening to music while we played the game and make our characters jump to the music. I thought it would be fun idea. To record the game play, I routed the RCA cable from the Nintendo 64 through an RCA splitter and then into a camcorder. Then I turned on some techno music and my friend and I moved our characters to the music to resemble dancing. I then took the good footage and uploaded it to Windows Movie Maker and added the music. The point I am making is that music can drastically affect the vibe you get from a video game. If you’ve played Mortal Kombat, you know that dancing is the polar opposite of the point of the game. A normally dark and violent game can be turned into a humorous dance party by simply adding the right music and moving your character to the beat. Through the process of creating this video, the subjects of “fair use” and “copyright” were on my mind. I would be questioning myself if what I was producing was copyright infringement or fair use.  I learned that my video was indeed fair use because it does not have an “affect on the value of copyrighted work” (copyright). I used footage from Mortal Kombat for reasons of tribute because it is one of my favorite games. I also learned a lot about Windows Movie Maker.

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