Discussion Post 4


When comparing and contrasting the two news broadcasts from 1980 and 2008, it’s easy to tell the major changes the news have made in the past 20-25 years. The most obvious remedy is the “real-time” news feed text that runs along the bottom of the screen; it appears that in this broadcast that the news is all relayed in the feed, while the anchors and analysts all focus on the same story. On the contrary, the abc news report from 1990 seems to cover all these stories orally and is more focused on the anchorman and the story’s video footage than analysts particular views on one subject as in the 2008 cast. Another difference is the false background shown behind the analysts in the 2008 news and multiple windows shown creating a virtual conference room that you don’t see in the other. The fake backgrounds such as the white house are supposed to give the viewer a sense of “immediacy”, which Bolter and Grusin describe as making something digital, “‘natural’ rather than arbitrary”. Bolter and Grusin also have guidelines for the definition of remediation being that it is “repurposing” and the fact that “the ‘content’ of any medium is always another medium”.These broadcasts show displays these in that the news in the first broadcast has changed in medium to a running text feed.

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