Manifestos and Gaming


Being absorbed into that screen. Now it’s a world.

They say it’s a box. Keep playing and we’ll live in a box.

But it’s a castle. We’re living in a castle.

They say it’ll rot our brains. Fry our brains.

Nope, that’s just the zombies. We found an excellent way to survive the apocalypse. Surround the house will treadmills. That will keep them occupied.

They say it doesn’t solve anything. It’s a waste of time.

But we’ve solved difficult puzzles and got through the dungeons. It inspired us to think of real life puzzles. We have the ability to build a city out of legos and a theme park of origami.

We play games. We’re gamers as you might say.

Games aren’t limited to the virtual world though. Everyone plays games. That’s how we learn in a fun way to figure out life’s problems. We play soccer, stratego, egyptian ratscrew, mario kart, and D&D. Gamers can solve real life issues if they use the things they learned from gaming. Those “break from reality worlds” are filled with imagination and something exciting happening. If we make games out of things, people will be more interested in working with them(Gamer video). It will help them think more logically to tackle a real life situation. They just need to be willing to step out of x-reality.

In the hacker manifesto, it explains that hackers are curious and need to figure out how things work. They have this freedom and power in that you can’t stop all of them in what they do. Hacking is what gives their life meaning. Games for gamers is what gives them life meaning.

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