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Manifestos and Gaming


Being absorbed into that screen. Now it’s a world.

They say it’s a box. Keep playing and we’ll live in a box.

But it’s a castle. We’re living in a castle.

They say it’ll rot our brains. Fry our brains.

Nope, that’s just the zombies. We found an excellent way to survive the apocalypse. Surround the house will treadmills. That will keep them occupied.

They say it doesn’t solve anything. It’s a waste of time.

But we’ve solved difficult puzzles and got through the dungeons. It inspired us to think of real life puzzles. We have the ability to build a city out of legos and a theme park of origami.

We play games. We’re gamers as you might say.

Games aren’t limited to the virtual world though. Everyone plays games. That’s how we learn in a fun way to figure out life’s problems. We play soccer, stratego, egyptian ratscrew, mario kart, and D&D. Gamers can solve real life issues if they use the things they learned from gaming. Those “break from reality worlds” are filled with imagination and something exciting happening. If we make games out of things, people will be more interested in working with them(Gamer video). It will help them think more logically to tackle a real life situation. They just need to be willing to step out of x-reality.

In the hacker manifesto, it explains that hackers are curious and need to figure out how things work. They have this freedom and power in that you can’t stop all of them in what they do. Hacking is what gives their life meaning. Games for gamers is what gives them life meaning.

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Anonymity: The quality or state of being unknown or unacknowledged (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/anonymity)

One of the many benefits of being a creator of online media, is the fact that you can be anonymous in your authoring of a project. There are no racist of sexist judgments based on the authors identity, unless the author chooses to tell the world their skin color and gender. In the different medias of  the past the author of a book would have to meet with a publisher to get their book into the open market, but based on the content of the book and the publisher’s opinion of the author, the book might be rejected. The same would be true in the graphic design or music industries.

In “The Hacker Manifesto” what is basically being said is that; because you are sitting at home designing a website or writing a book, the publisher cannot judge you on who you appear to be. Instead they will judge you on the quality of the work that you have produced. One could see this as a step towards equality for all people. This is perhaps the best thing that has come from the internet and computer age. Suddenly the reader does not care what your name is or what you appear to be.

Another good thing that has come from the digital age is the ability to get information out into the digital world. You no longer need to know the right people to make it in a given industry. Instead, you can post your created content and let the world judge you by your merits.

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A manifesto is a “public declaration of policy and aims” (Merriam-Webster). Both the Hacker Manifesto and Cyborg Manifesto encompass multiple views of freedom and power. One such example is racial stereotyping. The Hacker Manifesto declares that hackers  “exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias…” (1). Similarly, The Cyborg Manifesto touches upon feminism and how new technologies are increasing growth for women’s jobs in the paid work force, “especially for many white women and people of colour” (Women in the Integrated Circuit para. 5). So these new technologies are not only increasing power for racially diverse people in the work force, but will continue to increase their power online, where race is no longer a factor.

Furthermore, I have decided to create my own manifesto about the lack of validity of online racial stereotyping, The Online Racial Manifesto. First off, I declare that online racial stereotypes are invalid because people can portray themselves as different or multiple races. In other words, a white woman may have a black male avatar. Therefore, any racial stereotyping is illogical. Furthermore, the anonymity that an avatar gives a person can create openings for discussions about race. For example, a black male’s avatar could be portrayed as a white supremacist, which would allow him to discuss racial views with other white supremacists. In person, these people would never be able to discuss their views because the white supremacists would be unwilling to speak on a level ground with blacks.