Locative art


When searching “locative art” on the three sites I found that each one had very different results. Wikipedia didn’t have a page strictly for locative art, but they did have a page for locative media and then listed locative art as a subcategory for locative media. In the Leonardo Electronic Almanac there are articles or books done on topics related to locative media and when clicked on they give an abstract or the information needed to go find the article. Similarly in WorldCat there are scholarly or peer reviewed articles and books that the school has put together for students and professors at WSU to use. The information on Worldcat seems like it would be more credible then both of the other sites because the information on Wikipedia could be misinformation or disinformation since it is a site that can be edited by anyone and the information on the Leonardo Electronic Almanac could contain some propaganda. I suppose that some of the articles on the WorldCat search could contain propaganda because there are many articles that contain bias. However, after reading “Evaluating Information Found on the Internet,” I can see how easily people just go to a site like Wikipedia because it is the first one that shows up on a Google search. Most people just want information fast pertaining to whatever it is that they are looking up and they don’t bother to take the time to search through several sites to see what is and is not credible.

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