Blog Post 13: Locative Media/Transmedia


So I dunno which one we’re  supposed to do it on so I chose week 12 since it was posted first I guess.

Locative Media is defined as the media of communication based on location (Merriam Webster Dictionary Locative + Media). Locative media is an example of convergent and distributed media. But first, what is convergent and distributed media. Convergence is generally defined by Harry Jenkins, a media scholar, “the flow of content across multiple media platforms, the cooperation between multiple media industries, and the migratory behavior of media audiences” (Jenkins 2). This means that as media intersects, it begins to shift. This shift begins to push consumers to interact with others and use different media options to grow and learn more. Locative media is an example of this because of the fact that locative media pushes information based on where you are currently.  If for example you are on Facebook and you post your location. Suddenly an ad pops up and says, “Liked this place? Here are some other suggestions for you”. This is an example of locative media acting as convergent media. It allows your phone to attract you to this new location that you have not been to before. Distributive media is most likely media that can be distributed among various amounts of people. Without distributed media, locative media cannot move. It would stay in one location and not be able to be distributed to various different locations to grow and integrate more people. This being said, distributive media itself would then be locative media because as it is distributed it integrates itself location-wise linking the two locations together.

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