Blog 14: Rushkoff/commands


Rushkoff’s last 4 commands of program or be programmed are very important to someone living in contemporary times and those who fall into the digital divide. Rushkoff’s 7th command is Social. If a person is without digital media, they are not exposed to digital bias. “Digital media is still bias towards the social.” (Rushkoff 96). Those without computers don’t experience bias at all. The 8th command is Fact. The internet is what separates fact from fiction. You can make any claim you want online, but in a matter of time, it will be proven true or false by internet users. Without a computer, it is much harder to lie. People can read you easier face-to-face. This is also where society fails. We rely so much on the internet that having a face-to-face conversation can be quite challenging. The 9th command is Openness. The sharing of internet files is impossible without a computer. Rushkoff states that “Digital networks were built for the purpose of sharing resources, technologies, and credit on order to create it.” (Rushkoff 118). Sharing becomes very limited. The possibilities of sharing are endless if you have a computer and internet access. The 10th command is Program or be Programmed. Rushkoff says that “we must learn how to make the software, or risk becoming the software.” (Rushkoff 134). If someone does not contribute to the creation of software, that person becomes the software. There would be nothing going on that would involve a person in the software creating process.


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