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It will be hard to live in today’s world without any kind of technology. Computers are necessary because we now communicate through social media instead of communicating personally in supermarkets. Everything is social even businesses. As Rushkoff explains in page 101 “…is too late for a business to go social. Every business already is social.” I think that in these last four chapter’s Rushkoff tries to argue that yes we need computers to communicate with each other and it’s ok to use social media but there are some rules that we need to follow. For example command eight says to be honest and not to lie. Be yourself and don’t lie about who you really are in page 106 Rushkoff states “put something false online and it will eventually be revealed as a lie.” Telling the truth will only benefit us as he explains in page 112 “we need to learn how to tell the truth.” Command 9 explains the difference between sharing and stealing.  Rushkoff argues that if we know how to distinguish sharing form stealing our life will be better and can save us from a lot of trouble. Finally command 10 explains that if you are not creating something new you are being created. It is better to create programs than learning how to use a program. Rushkoff argues that although learning new things is good “it will not help them adapt to the technologies of tomorrow.”(p. 136) it’s important for everyone to adapt to new technology because although people may think it is necessary this book makes it obvious it is because computers and social media are taking over of the way we communicate.

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