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FINALLY!! Blog 14

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In Rushkoff’s Commandments, the last 4 are Social (Don’t Sell Your Friends), Fact (Tell the Truth), Opennesss (Share, Don’t Steal), and Purpose (Program or Be Programmed). With the Social, businesses “figure that in all these digital connections and exchanges there must some marketing research to sell…” (93). Basically if a business is not using social media or something similar then they won’t be able to make it as well as another business that does. In Fact, it focused on how those who lie online “will eventually be revealed as a lie” (100). This is saying that those who do not lie will go further in what they are saying rather than someone who is constantly lying online. If someone is not online then they do not apply here. For Openness “digital networks were built for the purpose of sharing computing resources by people who were themselves sharing resources, technologies, and credit in order to create it” (118). Because of the internet and why it was created, people who have it are able to find sources faster and more of them than if someone who does not have the access. But also with sources like Wikipedia, then the source may not be credible, which is a downside for someone using the tech. Finally with Purpose, “we must learn how to make the software, or risk becoming the software” (134). This is saying that if people do not get ahead in the current technology and learn how to use it, then the technology will control the people.