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Authoring project 2

Authoring Project 2 pp


Digital Divide


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Considering Rushkoff’s last four commands of Program or Be Programmed, explain the importance of these commands for somebody living in contemporary times who may not have nor want to have a computer.  What is of significance within Rushkoff’s argument about these four commands for somebody who may fall within the digital divide?  (250 words; cite from the readings; due by the beginning of Tuesday’s class.)

Word Count @ 70 with prompt.

Rushkoff’s last four commands are:

People who do not want computers/do not have are left out of the loop. In terms of social groups, in many cases people attempt to “hijack” these connections for profit (93-94). Essentially Rushkoff is arguing that friends are not the content of the network but the connections that makes this network work. Do not sell your friends.


Rushkoff argues that if you can communicate well in the digital, you can communicate well in the nondigital. He claims that the more real and true our statements are, the further they travel (106). Those who do not use computers will lack the ability to do this. While somewhat true, there are many cases where this is not true. An example can be Three Cups of Tea.


Learning to differentiate from sharing and stealing allows us to promote openness without selfishness (115). Those without computers would  be unable to differentiate between this when they do use a computer.

Program or be Programmed

If we don’t learn how to program, we risk being programmed ourselves (133).  Those without a computer would risk being controlled by those who do program. High businesses who can manipulate it themselves.


The significance of all this to someone who falls into the digital divide is that those in the digital divide do not understand them. They would be easily manipulated by commercialization of their friends but also themselves. They would unintentionally steal because it’s something everyone does so maybe it’s okay (it’s not). This would breed an easily manipulated and selfish world.