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New Media Post



Hello, my name is Philip Crivello. I am a student here @WSU Vancouver and wanting to major in either Biology or Geology (still debating). For my new media object, besides @facebook, my iPod, laptop and video games, I use @IHeartRadio a lot of the time while I’m on the computer. IHR is an internet radio site where you can customize your stations; listen to stations in other states, as well as from artists. This internet radio site uses both #Digital Arts and #Media Communication. Digital Arts in how you are able to listen to music and watch live concerts from IHR. For Media Communication, there are radio stations on IHR where you can listen to news stations from across the country in real time. For #IHR it uses Numerical Representation in having a digital code (Manovich 28) from being created on a computer. With Modularity, it uses different sizes for its images and also advertises products from sponsoring companies. Automation in IHR is present due to having Numerical Representation and Modularity (32). While I listen to the music on the site, once a song is over, then it starts a new one right afterwards with no commercials on the artists stations (on city stations then they broadcast from the station but have very limited commercials). In having an internet radio site, there is a lot of Variability (36) within the site. It’s always updating in versions and adding new music every day. While you listen to a station, you never know what’s next on the custom stations so the music is varying within the genres and artists. Because you can customize your own stations, then you create your own Variability. Lastly, there is Transcoding, which is basically translating one format to another (47). How this applies to IHeartRadio is in how you can listen to different stations in various languages and cultures.

Because of this easy and new way to access music it has turned music into even more of a digital age. Where you can listen to stations from your old city you use to live in (when you live across the nation), and you can listen to music from your favorite artists or genres just from searching it and clicking play. You are also able to buy music and get the lyrics (where before a digital age, getting music or lyrics meant going to a record store and buying it there).

New Media Objects: Pandora Internet Radio – Star Preston


I curiously find myself using a new media object everyday, the Internet radio, Pandora. According to the presentation (slides 5 and 6) new media is digital, which means that it is produced with the help of computers. First off, Pandora is accessible through personal computers, smart phones, and other technological devices such as Ereaders. Seeing that Pandora is localized through the Internet and computers, it must have numerical representation; a binary code (Manovich 25). The second principle that is typical of new media objects is modularity, where one can link websites on others in order to endorse their site. (Manovich 30). Pandora has a side bar on the right hand side where companies can link their products and ads. The third characteristic that is typical for Pandora and new media is automation (Manovich 33). According to Manovich this is when processes are set automatically. On Pandora, once a station is set up, similar genres of music are played until the operator stops the music with the stop button. Pandora also automatically plays commercials every three to five songs, much to the users irritation. The fourth characteristic that Manovich states that is common in new media is variability, infinite possibilities and suggestions given by the new media. (37). Pandora offers music selections based the users taste and preferences. Unless the user gives the song a thumb down, Pandora will continue to offer different suggestions. The last characteristic is transcoding, the way new media is associated with cultural categories and new media stereotypes (45). A user on Pandora can search through many different music categories ranging from Disney music to David Bowie. It offers different varieties of music, offering new varieties of music to different people. It’s a way of digitalizing music; no longer must one wait for their favorite song.

One aspect I did not realize that was part of Pandora was the option to buy music. This shows how everyday life is becoming more lackadaisical. One no longer has to venture out to buy a CD; they can just download after purchasing it.

Completely customized and generated by the computer, Pandora is truly “digital”.