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Born Digital: Research into Digital Storytelling and E-Poetics

This article is appearing in WSUV’s Crimson & Gray (Spring 2014, Volume 4, Number 2) and features the preservation work that Stuart and I are doing in the Pathfinders project. A special thank you to the good folks at MarCom for featuring our research in this publication.



Stuart Moulthrop reading his seminal work Victory Garden with the CMDC’s technical assistant Greg Philbrook and me looking on.

Many people tremble with excitement while ripping open a box containing a new computer or electronic gadget. Dene Grigar, associate professor and director of the creative media and digital culture program at Washington State University Vancouver, gets that same tingle when she opens a box containing an old computer.

“Guess what I got today?” Grigar claps her hands together in delight. “An iMac G3!”

Grigar directs the Electronic Literature Lab, where she has collected more than 28 vintage Macintosh computers, the likes of which have long since been forgotten, donated or discarded by most people. While she delights in the hardware, it’s not the hardware itself that fuels Grigar’s passion. The computers are the medium that allow her to access and preserve electronic literature.

Read the article at the Crimson & Gray