Jacob Garbe

garbeAbout the Artist
Jacob Garbe is a new media artist and interactive narrative author working in the mediums of augmented reality, interactive projection, and alternate reality games. His works explore themes of memory, loss, embodiment, and subjective context. He is currently pursuing a PhD in the Expressive Intelligence Studio at UC Santa Cruz. (jacobgarbe.com).

1About the Literary Work
From Closed Rooms, Soft Whispers is an interactive narrative concerning loss and the passage of time, utilizing augmented reality as its medium. It humanizes a high-technology concept through interaction with real world objects, blurring the border between physical and digital media. It focuses on how memories and feelings are triggered and re-experienced through objects all around us, providing a symbolic afterlife for the people and events they evoke, long after the passage of time has removed them from our lives. The experience is composed of interactive projection collages triggered using augmented reality from a mobile device, and a mechatronic cabinet. It was featured in the January 2013 issue of Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

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