Monthly Archives: August 2014

Video Documentation Completed, Multimedia Scalar Book Begun

stuart-deneI loaded all 14 of the documentation videos to the Pathfinders Vimeo Channel yesterday.  There are six for John McDaid, four for Judy Malloy, and four for Shelley Jackson.  I plan to spend this morning tagging and commenting on them so that they are easily findable and contextualized.  Right now they are organized by newest uploaded, but I plan to structure the channel in alphabetical order.

Additionally, Stuart and I have begun to develop the multimedia book that these videos, our critical essays, images, and other artifacts will be placed.  We will be using Scalar as the platform for the book.  We met with Craig and Erik this week to go over the final issues related to getting up and running on Scalar.  Will Luers is advising us on the theme and design.  The goal is to have the book in draft format by December, as stated in the NEH grant.

Pathfinders Moving Forward

photoStuart’s visit last week was a whirlwind of activity.  We spend all day Tuesday in ELL developing the plan for the multimedia book.  Will Luers, who is our Scalar consultant for the project, joined us to provide a tutorial on authoring with Scalar.  We inventoried and organized our materials so that they can be easily added to the templates.  The next day we worked on the grants for the next phase of the project.

We also had the opportunity to welcome two new members of the Pathfinders team. Madeleine Brookman, an Honors student in the CMDC program, will take over duties begun by Amalia Vacca, who is graduating this fall.  Madeleine will work with Grigar on a variety of duties, including overseeing the media assets of the project, managing its website and social media sites, and helping to develop the multimedia book.  Troy Wayrynen is a professional videographer who worked for many years at the Columbian newspaper before joining the CMDC Program this fall to pursue courses in multimedia design.  Troy will be in charge of editing the final versions of the videos.