Monthly Archives: July 2017

Traversals of 1st Generation E-Lit Works

In celebration of the Electronic Literature Organization‘s move to WSUV, we are hosting a series of events in the Electronic Literature Lab (ELL). One of these is the 1stGen of E-Lit Traversals. It is a monthly live Facebook and videotaped Reader Traversals of electronic literature produced between 1986-1997. Seven are planned during 2017-2018. So far five of the authors have given permission for it. Here are the dates, times, and works scheduled thus far.

All of these works can be found in ELL’s Library and will be experienced on the appropriate computer and operating system originally used for accessing the works when they were first released.

The event will be open to the public over Facebook. Information about participating will be posted in late August.

We thank the authors for graciously sharing their work and allowing us to feature it in this event.