Authors & Works

Mac PlusBefore today’s Internet there was an explosion of literary work triggered when the first personal computers arrived in the 1980s.  For a decade and a half writers and designers created their own systems (Judy Malloy’s Narrabase, Bolter and Joyce’s Storyspace), or took up tools designed to give users finer control of proprietary systems (Bill Atkinson’s expressed desire for HyperCard).

The five authors chosen for this project created some of the best work during this period.

Stuart Moulthrop, Victory Garden:  Author Bio & Artist Statement
John McDaid, Uncle Buddy’s Phantom Funhouse:  Author Bio & Artist Statement
Judy Malloy, Uncle Roger: The Blue Notebook: Author Bio & Artist Statement
Shelley Jackson, Patchwork Girl: Author Bio & Artist Statement
Bill Bly, We Descend: Author Bio & Artist Statement