Madeleine Brookman To Join Pathfinders in the Fall

CMDC student Madeleine Brookman was awarded a 2014 Auvil Fellowship by WSU to work with me in ELL and on the Pathfinders project.  Specifically, Madeleine will work with me with the ongoing archival and preservation work for the  electronic literature in my media library and those collected from the recent acquisition of the online journal, Poems That Go.  We will be using the methods created for Pathfinders to our work in ELL. She will also assist in developing methods and best practices for preserving works of electronic literature created for the mobile environment, an area that is yet to be addressed by e-lit preservationists––we have just de-commissioned an early iPad for this purpose and plan to experiment with best practices for keeping versions of e-lit apps for future study. Finally, Madeleine will  serve as the Media Librarian, continuing the work of Amalia Vacca to document and organize the works in my library.

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