Traversal & Interview Completed


James O’Sullivan Traversing Michael Joyce’s afternoon: a story

James O’Sullivan’s Traversal and Interview of Michael Joyce’s afternoon: a story––like the others that Stuart and I have done for the other early works of e-lit––provided some treasures. Here are a few from James:

  1. The realization that every word of the narrative was a hyperlink
  2. The awareness of the bread crumbing that Joyce did in order to lead readers from the world of print to the world of the electronic medium
  3. The understanding of the tension that fragmentation of the text creates

My favorite comment, though, was his response to the question, If you had to use a metaphor or analogy to describe this work, what would you choose?. His response was one I had not yet heard used for hypertext literature: a Rubrik’s Cube––the idea that the reader reorganizes many little cubes, puzzling over them, arriving perhaps at a larger concept.

We plan to have rough cuts of both ready next week. They will debut in Barcelona at the end of the month.

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